Suzuki Method - Mother Tongue Approach

The Suzuki Method of teaching is based on an early start to learning. As early as age 3, child and parent begin with their observation period. This period is fundamental in providing a parent the understanding of the step by step process of learning the cello. It offers a child the opportunity to became acquainted with the teacher, the other students in the studio and an enticement to join in Suzuki cello lessons.

The parent and child learn together with their teacher forming a learning triangle. The parent practices with the child daily at home, guided by their teacher in lessons which they both attend together.

In the Suzuki Method, there are both weekly individual lessons and fortnightly group lessons with the other children in the studio. Learning to play the cello in the same way as children learned their mother tongue language develops many skills in a nurturing and joyful environment.

The cello students perform regularly both solo and in groups with a concert at the end of each term.

Reading “Nurtured by Love” by D S. Suzuki is highly recommended for insight and understanding of the method and philosophy.

Every Child Can”
Shinichi Suzuki